Create Simple, Elegant Looks With Retro Mid Century Style Decor

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Create Simple, Elegant Looks With Retro Mid Century Style Decor

Home decor and retro lighting can add a touch of fun and whimsy to any home. Vintage designs and art Deco lighting can bring a smile to the face of anyone who appreciates the beauty of the old world. From simple lights to large chandeliers, this retro style of home decor is a fun way to express your personality.

Create a retro feel in any room with a lamp from the Art Deco or Retro movement. These lamps are very common as wall sconces, but you can also place one as a table lamp or even a floor lamp. The large base of the lamp adds a dramatic flair to the room. Look for pieces that have a sculptural quality or that are crafted out of copper or bronze. They can be fashioned into any shape or size to suit your room’s shape and size.

The retro Art Deco style can easily be incorporated into a contemporary home decor scheme. This type of lighting is great for rooms that are currently dark or are designed to seem modern or trendy. These are often found in the kitchen or bathroom. To add a little more interest, place one in a corner, over a mirror, or against a wall. You will find they make a great conversation piece.

If you are decorating a bedroom in an antique home decor style, use lamps of iron or bronze that are handcrafted. Antique wrought iron lamps can become a focal point in a room, especially if they are placed on a bed. They add a unique decorative touch to the room.

Retro lighting is also popular in today’s modern decor. You will find lampshades made out of iron and chrome that have a wacky and 1970s look about them. You can decorate a modern room in a retro style by using these wacky colored lampshades. They add fun and color to a room.

A very popular and eye-catching element of retro home decor is the use of fluorescent tubes. You can find these tubes in every color imaginable and in different sizes. Place one in a high traffic room or master bedroom. They will definitely add a touch of nostalgia to the room.

When using fluorescent tubes as part of your home decor, be careful where you place them. If they come into contact with an object that is electrically active, the tube will turn red. Do not place them near a fluorescent light or any other light source that is electrically active. This could potentially overload the circuit and cause a fire. To be safe, place these lights where you know they will be exposed to minimal electric activity.

As you can see, there are many ways you can incorporate retro style into your home decor. The best way is to start by selecting pieces that have a bit of Mid-Century Modernism in their design. From there, you can build from there and incorporate the rest of your room decor into it.

One thing that has become very popular in retro decor is the use of metal. Many of the modern era pieces were made out of metal. In the 1950s, metal began to be less of a factor and more of a design element. For those wanting to bring back this look, consider pieces made of metal such as a clock or bookcase. Other popular options are lamps and other similar items.

Taking the concept of retro a bit further, some home decor enthusiasts are creating Mid Century Modern decor schemes. These designs feature sleek, simple lines and a bold geometric look. These elements will lend themselves better to simple wall art than items that are too fancy for the room. Keep in mind that this style does not have to mean an absence of artwork or furniture.

Mid Century Modern home decor is becoming very popular, so take a look around at what is available. You may be surprised to see many old world touches included in this type of decor. This is a great way to add old world charm without carrying out a complete transformation. This style can actually help you achieve the look of elegance while keeping your budget under control.

When it comes to Mid-Century Modern Home Decor, you want to make sure that you keep the details simple and elegant. While this type of home decor is not one that promotes extravagantness, it does mean that you do not have to go all out to achieve a beautiful look. Keep in mind that all art should be simplistic in nature. If you really want to step things up a notch, choose an item that offers you great color coordination and a unique shape.