Home Decor Ideas For Retro Modern

home decor Retro Modern

Home Decor Ideas For Retro Modern

If you have recently taken a look at your decor and wondered how best to make your living space reflect a contemporary style, you should consider putting some thought into home decor Retro Modern. Unlike the more popular retro styles, Retro Modern allows you to combine the best elements of the classic retro movement with the energy and functionality of modern design. With Retro Modern interior design, you get to enjoy all the benefits of both of these styles, with the convenience and cost benefits of modern technology.

Much like retro cars, homes that are decorated in a retro style can be highly functional, but also surprisingly elegant and inviting. When planning out your home decor, you can take inspiration from the fifties retro styles or the sixties and seventies styles. Both of these decorating themes can bring a bright and airy feel to your home, making it a haven you can feel at ease in. Retro modern decor features clean lines, a focus on materials like glass and metal, and a bright color scheme. This style is perfect if you love the bright colors and want a bolder statement in your interior design. You’ll also find that the brighter colors work well when paired with other retro decor elements, like old metal chairs and lamps, which will add a unique flair to your room.

Functional and inviting are at the top of the list when you’re designing a room that will be a home for yourself and your family. In this case, the focus will be on function. This is where you’ll want to think about what you want your room to do for you. Do you need a place for your coffee table and monitor? If so, go with a modern style that makes use of your media storage space; play music from your MP3’s, watch a movie, or listen to podcasts while you’re reading.

While functionality is important, it’s also important that your environment feels welcoming. With that in mind, try using fabrics and furnishings that have a homey, un-retro feel to them, using throw pillows and cushions, and selecting artwork and lamps that have been inspired by items from the 70s, or that are in shades of green, like teak, for example. In a living room or family room, the warmth of the home will be enhanced by using warm colors like orange and red. Darker colors like brown, black, and charcoal are often perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere.

When it comes to texture, you have plenty of options. You can create a retro space by adding large, three dimensional objects, like an art Deco mirror or a faux leather sofa with Ottoman. For the more casual, earthy tones and bright colors are great. However, if you want your home decor to carry a more formal tone, choose rich colors like burgundy, gold, or purple. If you’ve got the space, you might even consider using a rug in one of these colors to create a great retro space that will be a conversation piece for your friends and family. Retro modern home decor is a fun and trendy decorating style that make homeowners want to return to a simpler time.

If you have trouble finding the right shade of color or theme, don’t worry. Even if you aren’t talented when it comes to color or design, there are many other home decor accessories that can help pull your space together. For example, throw pillows and throws add a nice touch of texture to a room, giving it a whimsical look. You can even use them to create unique settings in which to dine, creating a fun and comfortable dining area. Vintage accessories are also popular retro home decor favorites, as they add a nostalgic touch to a room.

When selecting a vintage accessory, however, you need to be careful. It’s important that you buy the right size, color, and style so that your new home decor item looks good in the room that it’s going to be placed in. If you plan to hang something, you’ll also need the right hardware. As with any retro home decor items, be sure to pick hardware that matches the style of your furniture and cabinets.

Another great way to incorporate retro style is to choose wall art. Many wall art prints are available in the retro genre, and you can get as wild or as elegant as you want. Retro modern decor is perfect for a room with a lot of glass, especially if the glass is in a different color than your furniture. Or, you could choose a larger piece of artwork and hang it on the wall behind your sofa. The artwork should be a good fit with the style of the room, so that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb and makes the area look out of place.