Home Decor Ideas That Bring the Past Back

There are lots of home decor ideas for vintage that you may consider, the key is to use what suits you best. Vintage style can make a house look very appealing and if done right can be incredibly stylish. Vintage decor ideas can add a lot of character to a place, but like any other theme can be difficult to pull off successfully.

Vintage is all about looking back through history and distilling it into today’s modern vernacular. There are lots of great ideas for decorating with a vintage theme. One thing that is a big no-no with this type of decor is wallpaper. Wallpaper will make a room seem dated and this is not what you want. You want to keep things simple and let the color scheme and furniture choices do most of the work for you. Here are some more home decor ideas for vintage that can help you create a wonderful retro environment.

One thing that is important is the lighting in the room. Vintage lights can create an old world look that really works well. You can find many options to illuminate your space that will give it a nice warm feel.

Vintage also means different things to different people, so you’ll have to find the decor ideas that suit you best. For instance, one popular idea is to use an antique chandelier or crystal light fixture as your main source of light in the room. You can then incorporate other vintage pieces throughout the room. Using various glassware and antiques along with the appropriate wall decor ideas can make your place look very sophisticated.

One aspect of decor that needs to be considered is contrast. This is very important in this type of decor. If your furniture colors are mostly neutral, use a few bold accent colors in the room. You can use bright pops of color against white walls or in bold furniture colors. For some contrasting elements, use textured wall paint and wallpaper borders. These can give a unique look to the room.

You can add some great vintage touches to your rooms by finding and using items that look aged. An interesting item to consider is a hair dryer from the 1950’s. You can get these for a low price at thrift stores or garage sales, if you know where they are located. Alternatively, you can use a vintage style popcorn popper. You can find these at a variety of locations, including flea markets and thrift stores. Not only do they make a unique addition to your decor, but they’re also fun to use!

As you work on your decor ideas, try to stay away from using too much furniture. The more furniture you have, the older it looks. It’s better to keep your vintage pieces to the floor. You can add vintage lamps and pictures that really accent the decor. Look for photos in frames or hanging on the wall that remind you of certain places or events.

Keep in mind that creating a vintage environment requires careful planning. You don’t want to overwhelm anyone who comes into your home. Still, it’s fun to experiment with different things, such as colors, furniture, and fabrics. Try different things to see what works for you. As you develop your home decor ideas, you can make changes to make your home truly vintage.

Another way to bring some vintage into your space is to hang vintage fabrics or pictures on the wall. This can be a great way to create the look without spending a fortune on real antiques. If you have a vintage sewing room, why not display those vintage needlepoint needles? You could even hang vintage quilts and tapestries on the wall as well. While you’re at it, learn some quilting techniques so you can quilt some of your own. There are endless possibilities when it comes to home decorating with needlepoint and quilting.

When you’re decorating, it’s always important to choose the right accents. If you have an old telephone that you just can’t part with, why not purchase a cover with its own stand and put it on the mantle? Vintage pieces can also be used in any number of other situations, from a grandfather clock to a coat rack. If you’re interested in purchasing older items to add to your decor, why not visit a thrift store or garage sale?

Vintage decor isn’t just about older pieces, either. If you like flowers or wicker furniture, you can easily incorporate them into your decorating. Just because it’s vintage doesn’t mean you have to dress it up or down. In fact, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a stylish, welcoming environment for yourself or your family. With a few simple decorating ideas, you can bring a bit of the past back into your home without spending a fortune.