Home Decor Styles – French Country

Home Decor Styles French Country

Home Decor Styles – French Country

When you are considering a certain style of decor in your home, whether it’s for your living room or your bedroom, you should consider one of the many home decor styles inspired by French Country. Many people enjoy this particular decor style, especially those who have memories of living in the countryside. This is an area that lends itself to elegant furnishings, lush greens, and warm, cozy rooms.

One of the reasons that French Country looks so inviting is the fact that the walls are often in shades of brown. In fact, you may actually notice some whitewashed walls in old French Country homes. This shade of brown provides the perfect canvas for a wide array of bold, bright colors. To add depth, heavier wood furnishings with worn-in finishes such as shabby chic are ideal. The look can be further highlighted with accents such as crystal chandeliers and candelabras in warm earthy tones.

French Country can also look warm and inviting in a room that features dark, rich woods such as cherry and mahogany. The dark colors help to create the sense of depth in the room, which makes it perfect for decorating with heavy, rich furnishings. Dark wood furniture also helps to establish a sense of space. Another way to keep the dark colors balanced is to use light colored, accent rugs on the floor and chairs. Wall art featuring floral designs and framed needlework also help to establish a sense of calm and tranquility in the French Country style.

One of the things that make French Country home decor styles very unique is the use of fabrics with a southern flavor. For example, quilted fabrics are often seen in this decor style. They have a warm, inviting look, but they are also very easy to maintain and care for. You can find many different quilted fabrics, including chenille, lace, and even microsuede, all easily incorporated into your home decor style.

Curtains made from quilted fabrics are often used, as well as candles of various sizes and scents. Candles are also used to add a charming touch to the look, which is often seen as being very romantic. If you wish, you can even incorporate the use of candelabras, though you should keep in mind that this addition should not be done too close to a bedroom or bathroom. Keep in mind, too, that candle decors do not need to be very large – a few large ones placed around the room will look far more impressive than a large elaborate one.

In addition to the use of candles, the walls of a French Country home will often feature heavily decorated doors and windows. In this style, the door will be decorated with a scene or pattern, possibly done in colored wallpaper. The windows will feature details such as stained glass, lace, and floral patterns. These details can be very elaborate, so if you wish to include these types of details, it would be wise to use a great deal of embellishments on the area rather than on the walls. This way, you can make the most of the available embellishments without having to use too many.

One of the favorite pieces of artwork for French Country homeowners is the use of pictures. You will often see pictures of fields, farms, rivers, and other natural scenes. These pictures are often used as focal points in the home. However, you can use other photos, such as portraits, printed on decorative canvases. The possibilities are endless!

A major consideration when choosing a French style for your decor is the use of textiles. In this style, the most common fabrics are crepees and chenilles. These fabrics are often light in color, with a neutral tone. When strategically positioned throughout the room, they can create a tranquil, relaxing look that is both inviting and functional.