Six Great Ways To Use Home Decor In Retro Chic

If you love the nostalgia of the past, retro home decor is for you. These are popular colors, themes and style of furniture and accents that were inspired by the past and thus evoke feelings of nostalgia, fun and a feeling of “old” in the people who own it. You will find that these styles are popular today as well, because many people love the feeling they get when they live in their home decor “homey” style.

home decor Retro Chic

Some of the home decor trends you might find include vintage and kitsch elements, such as pin up posters and Victorian window shades. Others might focus on using more earth tones, like those from Mexico or the Pacific Northwest. Retro chic also reflects the owner’s personal taste and sense of style. This is evident in the items used, the color schemes, artwork and architecture, as well as the home decor accessories, furniture and accents.

In Retro Chic, bright colors are very popular. A dark, heavy paint look combined with distressed wood can give a home a distressed look. Black and red are often combined for a retro look. Antiques and period pieces can be used liberally. These items give a room a richness and character that make them very stylish and a pleasure to the eye.

Many people use modern styles in their home decorating, mixing retro with modern styles, which is becoming quite popular as well. A good place to start would be to use furniture and accents that have a color that coordinates with the decor in the home. Bright colors are often used in a retro environment, so choose lamps and accent furniture that are light colored with pops of neon or bright yellow or neon green. Lighter colored tables and lamps along with modern artwork and fixtures can add to the retro look. Cuts of crystal or other metal on the wall give a pop of bling and a feel of space.

Asian home decor gives a relaxed feeling, with dark colors and lots of light. Pastels and earth tones are often used, with a lot of furniture and accessories made from wood. Oriental style home decor is a great way to get a classic look without changing everything in your home.

Country home decor is another style that is very popular these days. It looks best in light, airy rooms that don’t need too much furniture. Bold primary colors are usually used, together with neutral or pale accents and shades. Bold accessories, such as roosters, also add to this home decor style.

The look of Mexican home decor is one that combines western touches with Mexican culture and design. Lots of reds, oranges, yellows and greens are common, and many of these colors are found in decor items such as pottery, metalware, ceramic statues and more. Wall art in these colors is very common. You can use many different types of lighting in this style, which helps it really look like it’s out of the southwest.

No matter what your personal style might be, you’ll find plenty of different home decor styles that will fit. Use these tips to help make your home feel warmer and more inviting. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles. By doing so, you can get a home that is unique, comfortable and fun to live in.

If you’re tired of modern home decor, why not try incorporating some retro elements? Many people love the feel of old world charm and beauty, which is why they gravitate to this style. There are many lovely options for adding old world charm to your home decor. Everything from wrought iron candle holders to beautiful bedding can be used to recreate a bit of the past.

Country home decor is one of the most popular choices among home decorators today. This style exudes a feeling of warmth and indulgence. You can bring this look right to your home by using warm and inviting colors, such as those found in most natural materials, such as wood, straw, wicker, and rattan. Use plenty of candles, fresh flowers and other embellishments to pull the look together.

The home decor style known as English country is perfect for those who want their decor to reflect the heritage and culture of England. This particular style focuses on using lots of light and relaxing colors. This is a wonderful style for anyone who wants to add a bit of English tradition to their home decor. With all of the different styles that can be incorporated into this decor, it’s easy to find a nice blend of decor that will make your home welcoming and beautiful.